Most colds are viral in nature and most of them heal on their own, so medicines are used to relieve the symptoms.

The first symptom is a fever, headache that lasts for one to three days, and a clear runny nose. As the white blood cells process the virus and bacteria, the runny nose becomes more and more pus-like. Finally, a cough appears, which usually shifts from the onset of fever and runny nose.

The cough can be prolonged when it is prolonged, so if the cough continues for three weeks, it is often better to see a doctor for a quick recovery.

About General Cold Medicine

Here is an image of a common general cold medicine. To relieve symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough, and headache, a general cold medicine contains a variety of ingredients. The antipyretic and analgesic ingredients are only used for the first 1-3 days, the expectorant ingredients are not used once the tantrum is over, and by the time the cough is over, most of the ingredients are unnecessary to take. In other words, you end up suffering from more side effects of the medication than usual. In particular, general cold remedies advertise that they contain a wide variety of ingredients all at once, so at first glance they may seem to be very effective, but if you look at the ingredients according to your symptoms, not many of them are necessary at that time.

Medications for relieving cold symptoms

When you think you may have a cold (the beginning of a cold)

If it is not the flu season from January to April

・Dissolve TU-1(Medicine,Kampo) in hot water and drink it slowly at night when you think you may have a cold. You can drink it with cold water, but before going to bed, dissolve it in hot water and take it to warm up your body. If you are still sick the next morning, use TU-1(Medicine, Kampo) three times a day and see how you feel. If you are exhausted by fever, you can use antipyretic analgesics such as Caronal or Loxonin.

・If you have a sore throat, you can use a general cold medicine called PL Granules or Pabron from the drugstore.

・If you only have a sore throat, you can dissolve TU-138(Medicine, Kampo) in a little hot water, cool it with water, and gargle it. If you just have a sore throat, you can dissolve TU-138(Medicine, Kampo) in a little hot water and cool it with water.

Pain in the joints, fever and very sluggish.

If the temperature exceeds 38.5℃ and you feel light-headed, take two 300mg Caronal tablets as an adjunct. If the symptoms occur between January and April, influenza is often suspected. For those who are in the prime of their working lives, this symptom can be adequately treated by taking TU-27(Medicine, Kampo) and resting. TU-27(Medicine, Kampo) itself also has anti-influenza effects. Even for those who do not have the flu (about 38% of people with symptoms will test negative), TU-27(Medicine, Kampo) is often used if the symptoms are the flu. Again, it is not about the flu test, but if your symptoms are flu-like, the medications available at the pharmacy may be enough to treat your symptoms. Getting a good rest and taking TU-27(Medicine, Kampo) is one of the options to relieve the above symptoms.

When you have a hard time coughing

TU-29(Medicine, Kampo)

It is used for coughs with a feeling of dryness in the throat. If you have an irritating sensation when you cough, TU-29(Medicine, Kampo) is a good choice. It is one of the sweetest Chinese herbs. It should be dissolved in hot water and drunk slowly. This Chinese medicine is relatively easy to find in drugstores. You do not need a pharmacist to buy it.

TU-55(Medicine, Kampo)

It is used when there is a slight cough and the bronchial tubes are narrowed. It widens the bronchial tubes, making it easier to expectorate and breathing easier. It is used for rather acute diseases. This Chinese medicine is also available at drugstores, but it may or may not be in the lineup. If you have a prolonged cough after 3~4 weeks of taking the medicine, you may be suspected of having mycoplasma pneumonia or whooping cough, and should be recommended to see a doctor. Both mycoplasma and whooping cough require the use of antibiotics, so specialized treatment is recommended. The Respiratory Society of Japan has published guidelines on what to do when you have a cough and treatment guidelines.


Asverin can relieve cough. It does not stop the cough completely. So some people may have the impression that it is not working. It is used to relieve symptoms because coughing a lot can wear you down. It is found in some forms of Kaigen and Lulu Attack. A similar ingredient is codeine phosphate, which is found in Anetone Cough Granules. Anetone is relatively common in drug stores. It also contains theophylline, which will be discussed later, so Anetone Cough Drops Granules is also a good choice for relieving cough symptoms. If you use codeine phosphate, you may feel a little constipated.

Famotidine(brand name: Gaster)

If you have a scratchy throat, your cough may be caused by reflux esophagitis. If you suppress stomach acid secretion with famotidine, your symptoms are likely to get lighter. It is available at drugstores in the form of Gaster 10mg . In the case of reflux esophagitis, the first choice is PPI, a drug that suppresses gastric acid secretion, so if your stomach seems to be upset from the symptoms, I recommend seeing a doctor.  


Fuscode is a cough suppressant that is sometimes prescribed when a patient is diagnosed with a cold with a severe cough. 2~3 tablets, up to 3 times a day. It contains dihydrocodeine phosphate, dl-methyl ephedrine hydrochloride, and chlorpheniramine. Dihydrocodeine phosphate acts on the cough center to suppress coughing. dl-methylephedrine hydrochloride dilates the bronchi to make breathing easier. Chlorpheniramine can reduce the tendency to constipation caused by dihydrocodeine phosphate and suppress a runny nose. Fuscode tablets may cause drowsiness; it is important to note that when three tablets are used, chlorpheniramine tends to cause a slightly sedative effect (drowsiness). Patients with non-surgical glaucoma and those with an enlarged prostate should refrain from using medicines containing chlorpheniramine (antihistamine) or codeine, and should consider using Medicon, Asverin, or TU-29(Medicine, Kampo) instead of Fuscode tablets.

When your throat hurts

TU-109(Medicine, Kampo)

Used when the throat is swollen and sore. A two-day supply is sufficient. A two-day supply is enough. If you still have a high fever or your throat hurts when you swallow, see an ENT doctor.

(Original name: Mucodyne)

Mucodyne is a well-known expectorant. It is also used to repair the mucous membrane of the throat. It is often prescribed for colds, so there are few people who have not taken it.

Azulene gargle

It is effective in reducing inflammation of the throat. Since it is not an antiseptic, it is used for sore throat symptoms rather than for preventing colds. Isodine is used in a similar way, but if you are using it to prevent colds, it is more economical to gargle with tap water that contains chlorine, which is expected to have a disinfecting effect.

(Original name: Loxonin)

Loxoprofen is used as an antipyretic analgesic, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is easy to use for sore throats and inflammation. Incidentally, it is also an analgesic. Caronal is not an anti-inflammatory, so it will take away the pain, but not the swelling. For a swollen throat, I recommend using Loxonin.

Tranexamic acid
(Original name: Transamin)

It is often prescribed for inflammation and swelling of the throat. If you don’t need to use Loxonin, tranexamic acid is sufficient. It can be used in combination with Loxonin.


This is a lozenge often prescribed in hospitals. It is used to sterilize the throat. It contains a cationic surfactant called decanium, which has a mechanism of action to break down the proteins of bacteria and fungi and kill them. It is a type of disinfectant. It is not effective against viruses, so it does not prevent the flu. If you are prone to stomach upset from gum, limit yourself to about 6 pieces a day!

When runny nose and nasal congestion are painful

In the case of a clear runny nose, <second generation antihistamines>, which are medications used for hay fever, are effective.
In case of nasal congestion

In addition to the second generation antihistamines, if the nasal congestion is severe

・leukotriene antagonists (pranlukast, montelukast) can be used to reduce nasal obstruction. Leukotriene antagonists (pranlukast, montelukast) are more effective against nasal obstruction than second generation antihistamines.

・Carbocysteine 500mg three times a day. Carbocysteine 500mg is used to soften runny nasal passages and to make it easier to expectorate.

・Ambroxol 45mg once a day, can be taken together with carbocisteine. It is used when the symptoms of a runny nose stuck in the throat are severe.

・In addition to the above, there are many other medicines that can be used for the same purpose. Make sure to blow your nose thoroughly before nasal irrigation. Some doctors recommend mixing fluticasone nasal spray with pribina solution.

If you have sinusitis, a Chinese herbal medicine called “TU-50(Medicine, Kampo)” is often used, which also has antibacterial properties. If this doesn’t work, TU-104(Medicine, Kampo) may be considered, but at this point, it is better to consult with an ENT doctor.

If you have a runny nose

If your nose is severely congested, and when you blow your nose, there is a yellowish runny nose, this is often a sign of sinusitis. If the symptoms do not improve even after taking the above medications, it is suspected that you have a bacterial infection and it is recommended that you see an ENT doctor. In this case, antibiotics, expectorants, steroid sprays, and antihistamines are often prescribed.

If left untreated, a runny nose often worsens the nasal environment, making it easier for bacteria and viruses to multiply. Blow your nose thoroughly, stop the runny nose, and get some rest.

When you are suffering from gastroenteritis


OS-1® is a drink often advertised by George Tokoro in his commercials as a drinkable intravenous drip. It is a nice drink used to correct symptoms of dehydration such as gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhea, heat stroke, hangover, etc. When you are not thirsty (not dehydrated), it is sour and hard to drink. However, if you can gulp it down, you are most likely dehydrated, so just gulp it down. If you have thrown up and don’t have the energy to drink, we recommend that you take it slowly, one sip at a time. You can also make your own. Oral rehydration solution can be made with 3 grams of salt and 40 grams of sugar to a liter of water. Add table lemon to taste for a refreshing drink.    

Solita T Granule No. 2

It is close to the ion balance recommended by the World Gastroenterological Organization (WGO) and is as sour as OS-1®. A sachet is dissolved in 100ml of water and drunk. Adults use it several times a day when they are dehydrated. The advantage of this product is that it is easy to carry and does not take up much space in your stockpile. It is advisable to stock up on about two bottles on a daily basis, or about 10 packets of Solita T Granules No. 2. Again, oral rehydration solution can be mass-produced at home, so try making it yourself.

TU-17(Medicine, Kampo)

This Chinese medicine is often used for gastroenteritis, hangovers, nausea, diarrhea, and dehydration. It is one of the best herbal medicines you should have in your medicine cabinet. The taste is not bitter and it is very easy to take. Anyway, it works as long as it is in the stomach. It can also be used to treat symptoms such as dizziness and headaches. It is often compared with TU-15(Medicine, Kampo), but I tell people to use TU-17(Medicine, Kampo) if they are not feverish, and to use TU-15(Medicine, Kampo) if they are feverish.


Famotidine is a famous gastric medicine called Gaster 10, which is sometimes prescribed in hospitals for stomach problems. It works faster than the PPI type of stomach medicine prescribed by hospitals. It suppresses the secretion of stomach acid, which helps relieve symptoms. Fatty foods increase the secretion of stomach acid, so famotidine is often used to reduce heartburn.

If you are vomiting and have a sore throat, use famotidine to suppress the secretion of stomach acid until it heals itself.If you have gastroenteritis, you can get over it by taking oral rehydration solution and TU-17(Medicine, Kampo). If it lasts for more than two weeks, I recommend you see a gastroenterologist.