dental caries prevention

dental caries occurs when dental caries bacteria, sugar, and tooth quality take time to dissolve, so it is important to not only brush your teeth properly and watch out for snacks (sugar), but also to use fluoride rinses to strengthen tooth quality. It is also important to have regular dental checkups to have your teeth mechanically cleaned, as there are areas that a toothbrush cannot reach.

Basic knowledge about fluoride mouthwash

Fluoride itself is found in most of the things we eat and drink, and the fluoride used to prevent dental caries is fluoride that is attached to other elements. The fluoride used to prevent dental caries can be roughly divided into two types: systemic and topical. “Systemic methods include adding fluoride to tap water and fluoridated salt, but these are not approved in Japan. In Japan, the “topical application method” is a combination of “fluoride toothpaste” and “fluoride mouthwash” that can be used at home, and “fluoride application” by professionals to prevent dental caries.

Effects of Fluoride

Fluoride has three main effects: strengthening of tooth structure, promotion of remineralization, and antibacterial action.

Protecting your teeth from acid damage

The use of fluoride makes teeth more resistant to the acids produced by dental caries. The newly erupted teeth of infants have a brittle structure that is vulnerable to acids, so fluoride can be used to make them stronger and more resistant to acids (by replacing them with fluorapatite, which is highly acid-resistant).

Promotes remineralization

Fluoride promotes remineralization, which is the process of restoring calcium and phosphorus to the teeth after they have been lost by the acids produced by caries bacteria. This helps to repair the demineralized enamel layer of the teeth.

Antibacterial action

Reduces the activity of dental caries bacteria and their ability to produce acid.

Preventive Effect of dental caries

dental caries prevention effect
Fluoride rinses30~60%
Fluoride toothpaste20~30%
Fluoride tooth coating30~40%
There are reports that fluoride rinses are 80% effective in preventing dental caries.

For children, starting from the age of 4, when they can gargle, and continuing from the age of 6 to 10 with a fluoride mouthwash has been shown to be 5 times more effective than no follow-up. It is also effective in preventing cervical caries and root surface caries (caries between the teeth and gums) in adults.

Safety of fluoride mouthwash

Fluoride rinses are safely performed at home, dental clinics, daycare centers, kindergartens, and schools. As long as fluoride rinses are done properly, there is no need to worry about safety. A small amount of mouthwash is left in the mouth after rinsing, but it is only about 10-15% of the total amount of mouthwash, which is the same amount of fluoride contained in a cup of tea, even for a 4-year-old child. Any excess fluoride taken into the body is eliminated from the body. In addition, fluoride itself is not a cause of allergies since it is also contained in food in small amounts.

Medications used in preventive dentistry

There are two types of medications used in preventive dentistry: “Miranol Granules 11%” and “Fluoride Mouthwash 0.1%”. There is also OTC medicines, fluoride mouthwash 0.05%, available at drugstores.

Miranol granules 11%

“Miranol Granules 11%” is a fluoride mouthwash that is dissolved in 200mL of tap water (not mineral water) per 1g of granules and gargled with 10mL once daily. It is alcohol-free and non-irritating, but it contains cinnamon in the flavoring, which gives it a slightly sweet scent. This is a drug for those who want to make it a daily habit. As a precaution, you will need to fill out and sign an initial medical questionnaire the first time you take Miranol Granules, as it is considered a deleterious drug.

However, considering the frequency of careful tooth brushing and flossing, we recommend the daily or twice-weekly method, so we do not offer the 1.8 gram package for the weekly method.

The 200 mL bottle used to dissolve “Miranol Granules 11%” is provided to each customer who purchases “Miranol Granules 11%”. Our pharmacist will provide face-to-face counseling, and the purchase record is linked to our pharmacy’s electronic medication history and even the issuance of a medication book sticker.

By the way, the concentration of this product is the same as that of the Type-3 OTC medicines fluoride mouthwash sold in drugstores, but the price of “Miranol Granules 11%” is much lower.

Fluoride mouthwash 0.1% “Lion”

Fluoride mouthwash 0.1% “Lion” is a pre-diluted mouthwash that can be used twice a week. It has an apple mint flavor that is refreshing to use, but infants who do not like mint may find it easier to use Miranol. There is no problem using it every day, but since there are reports that there is no difference in preventive effect between using it twice a week and using it twice a week, our pharmacy recommends the twice a week method as a way to care for carious teeth at home. For example, use it on Mondays and Fridays.

Olabris mouthwash 0.2% (once a week only)

Olabris mouthwash 0.2% once a week only product has been available since July 28, 2021. Compared to the above two, it provides the same cavity-preventing effect with a once-a-week mouthwash. The granule type was already on the market, but since it is more suitable for use in schools and institutions than for home care, our pharmacy had long been reluctant to carry it from the standpoint of hygiene and management. We have adopted this product because it is a one-portion type, which greatly improves handling and has already been clinically tested in schools. It also contains xylitol and cetylpyridinium chloride, making it sweet and hypoallergenic.

Examples of usage

Our pharmacy recommends the following dental care.

(1) Brush your teeth thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste three times a day (brush especially carefully between the teeth and gums).

(2) Remove plaque from between the teeth and gums with an interdental brush once or twice a day.

(3) Twice a week, before going to bed, use dental floss to remove plaque between teeth and gums, and gargle with 10mlL of 0.1% fluoride mouthwash in the mouth for 30-60 seconds. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after use.

※For the once-a-week method, use 10 ml of 0.2% fluoride mouthwash

(4) Regular maintenance at the dentist’s office once every two to three months (have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist).

Being able to eat delicious food even as you get older will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We hope that you will visit our pharmacy. For more information on the concept of fluoride mouthwash, please refer to the Kumamoto Dental Association’s website. In addition, the Mie Dental Association’s manual is very easy to read and is recommended for those who will be using fluoride mouthwash to prevent dental caries. For specific fluoride rinse guidelines, please refer to the Guidelines for Fluoride Rinses edited by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Comprehensive Study of Fluoride Applications” group for 1998-2000.

Please consult with our pharmacy

While it is said that preventing dental caries is important, the number of medical institutions that can provide the drugs used to prevent dental caries is limited. At our pharmacy, we strive to provide them with careful explanations and at prices that are easy to sustain. Why don’t you try fluoride mouthwash, which is very effective in reducing the risk of dental caries in the future?

Please feel free to contact our pharmacist for more information.

※Please note that there is a pharmacy management fee of ¥770  (including tax) for each purchase of the above medications.