All kinds are available

There are a wide variety of herbal medicines available for medical use from different manufacturers and in different dosage forms (tablet and granule types). Our pharmacists will recommend the most suitable Herbal medicine for your symptoms. On this page, we have listed typical herbal medicines, but we also have other products in stock, so please feel free to contact us.

TU-1(Medicine, Kampo)

This is a well known herbal medicine used at the beginning of a cold. It has a fast-acting effect, so dissolve it in hot water and drink it slowly the night you think you might have a cold. The taste is not bitter, and it is easy to take. It is almost always available at drugstores, so you can rush out and buy it at night. If you don’t like herbal medicine, you can add honey to it and drink it. There is no interaction between honey and TU-1(Medicine, Kampo), so you can take it with peace of mind. TU-1(Medicine, Kampo) is also prescribed for people with stiff shoulders. Take it for about two to three days and see how you feel. After that, we will consider switching to another medication based on the condition of the cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, and fever.

TU-27(Medicine, Kampo)

This is a herbal medicine with evidence and effectiveness against influenza. During the flu season from December to March, if you think you might have a cold, I recommend using TU-27(Medicine, Kampo) instead of TU-1(Medicine, Kampo). TU-27(Medicine, Kampo) can be taken by most businessmen who work hard. TU-27(Medicine, Kampo) may not be available at some drugstores, so it is best to prepare it before the season. Herbal medicine has a very long shelf life, so it is a very good regular medicine. Take TU-27(Medicine, Kampo) before every meal for about three days and see how you feel. Most colds can be relieved with TU-27(Medicine, Kampo), and it works quickly.

TU-19(Medicine, Kampo)

This herbal medicine is used for symptoms such as rhinitis, nasal congestion, and sneezing. It is just right for cold symptoms that tend to cause a runny nose. Another advantage is that it does not make you drowsy, so it does not impair your work performance. It has a distinctive taste (sweet, sour, bitter), so drink it all at once.

TU-29(Medicine, Kampo)

Used when there is a lot of dry coughing, or when the throat is dry due to dryness and coughing. It moisturizes the throat and soothes the cough. If you no longer feel like you have a cold, but you still have a cough, use TU-29(Medicine, Kampo). TU-29(Medicine, Kampo) is a very sweet and tasty herbal medicine (originally developed for children).

TU-17(Medicine, Kampo)

A herbal medicine used to prevent hangovers and for gastroenteritis.

TU-41(Medicine, Kampo)

This is a herbal medicine used to treat fatigue. It is used when a person has recovered from a cold but cannot get rid of the fatigue. It is also used to improve symptoms of loss of appetite. If you are chronically tired after a long day of hard work, you may want to give it a try. 

TU-138(Medicine, Kampo)

It is used when you have a bad throat or when your throat is beginning to get bad. Dissolve it in hot water and drink it slowly, or let it cool and gargle it. The longer the solution is in contact with the throat, the more effective it will be. It is so easy to take that it is the sweetest herbal medicine. It is an effective herbal medicine for the throat that can be recommended to those who are not fond of herbal medicine.