You can purchase medicines without a prescription.

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Pharmacy Name:Ochanomizu Pharmacy(yakkyoku)
Adress: 〒101-0051
Mizuno Building 3F, 1-2-3 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Chief pharmacist:Riku Katayama

Our pharmacy’s book won the Excellence Award
in the Epoch-Making Category of the TechBookFes Award 9!


How to stay safe in Tokyo?
Pharmacists are
your health consultants.

“Tokyo Self-Medication” will provide you with the knowledge to self-medicate for sudden illnesses and hay fever in Japan. In addition, the book is designed to help business people and their families maintain good health performance by helping them learn about the meaning of health checkup numbers and the drugs (OTC and prescription) used for chronic diseases. Ultimately, they will be able to use medications wisely without being misled by advertisements or the Internet atmosphere. You will also be able to deal with a sudden drop in work performance without fear.This is the first technical book to explain how to buy hospital drugs without a prescription (BPC) in Japan.

This book is governed by the laws of Japan.