Tour of the Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is located on the third floor, so some people come to the pharmacy wondering if it is really located on the third floor, as they cannot see what is inside from the outside. In order to give you a glimpse of what we have to offer, we have included some photos of the pharmacy to give you an idea of what it is like.

From McDonald’s Jimbocho branch, go straight on the sidewalk on the side of Ministop.

The light blue sign is the landmark of the building. There is an elevator at the back.
You can also enter from the fire escape (it’s a little faster than the elevator).

The elevator hall is marked by a sign.
For some reason, the elevator closes a little too quickly.

This is the entrance to the pharmacy seen from the elevator hall.
We have alcohol disinfectant available for your use.

This is the corridor leading to the pharmacy on the third floor.
The office next door is occupied by PharmaCloud, a system development company for pharmacies.

At the pharmacy counter, you can sit on a counter chair and listen to explanations about your medication.
To the right is an individual consultation room.

The sofa in the waiting area is a Karimoku 60 K chair.
The bookshelves are stocked with books of various genres other than medicine.

This is the inside of a private consultation room.
It is often used for cases that require a thorough consultation.